Published By: Beckham Realty Group, Inc. March 4, 2019

You may not be aware that in addition to a team of great agents, Beckham Realty Group also offers Property Management Services. If you find yourself wondering what exactly Property Management Companies do, or at what point to consider hiring a Property Management Company, we've got several answers. 

What a Good Property Management Company in Myrtle Beach can do for you:

The property manager acts on your behalf to advertise your rental, show it to prospective tenants, act as your leasing agent, negotiate your lease agreements, screen your applicants, handle rental payments, and much more. The property management company also assumes all the headaches that landlords often deal with, from payment collections to evictions, coordination of repairs and any other issues that can come up during the span of the rental contract.  

If you have a second home or are looking to buy a second home in Myrtle Beach, hiring a property management company can be a great option for you to add additional revenue and help pay off a second mortgage. It can also give you leverage to pay off other debts by providing you a steady, additional source of income.  

When Should you Consider Hiring a Company to Manage your Property? 

We've come up with 15 Primary Reasons to Hire a Property Management Company if you are on the fence. If you find you fit many of the reasons below (or place a heavy weight on any of the reasons below), then give us a call today to see what we can offer and if it's something you're ready to get assistance with! 


  1. You are struggling to fill your properties but aren't sure why
  2. You don't want to worry about the liability risks that can come with being a Landlord or handling a rental contract 
  3. You don't have the time to deal with advertising your rental, negotiating problems that come up, showing people the property, and many other things that take away from regular commitments you have.
  4. You want good tenants and you want your tenants to be properly screened  
  5. You don't live near your property
  6. You have multiple units to manage 
  7. You aren't sure how to go about contracting maintenance and repairs and wish to have someone with a working directory and knowledge of who to use
  8. You wish to have a dedicated leasing agent with experience who will work on your behalf
  9. You are uncomfortable dealing with late payments and/or evictions
  10. You are interested in higher quality, longer-term tenants 
  11. You are unfamiliar with the legalities that come with renting homes in affordable housing or with particular ordinances
  12. You don't have experience in managing a property 
  13. You don't have the patience or good service skills to deal with difficult tenants or prospects
  14. You aren't sure what rates to charge and want someone with local market knowledge
  15. You have problems with cash flow and want to ensure long-lasting occupancy tenants to allow your extra income to work for you

Of course, you can hire any company to manage your property, but not every company in Myrtle Beach or wherever you live may be working on your behalf as you need them to. 

What makes us different? Beckham Realty Group charges a minimal one-time upfront fee and only 10% off your monthly gross income, whereas other companies charge much more. No money is paid until the first month’s rent is collected and we have a dedicated team that works solely in our property management side to give your tenants and you the best, and most dedicated service. 

For more reasons to consider hiring a property manager, check out one of our later blogs, 'Why you will Benefit from Hiring a Good Property Management Company'. For more info about our pricing and this division of Beckham Realty Group, visit the Property Management page of our website at